Three Tips to Lending Money to Friends
Is it a good idea to loan money to friends and family? There are apparently rules for this scenario. Do you follow any of these rules? Loaning money to friends or even family should be simple task however, it can be a tricky and even strain relationships. Recently, I had a close friend hit me [ …
These Tips Could Save You Money When Apartment Hunting
Looking for a new place to rent? As a newcomer to the Hudson Valley I’ve recently spent a lot  of time apartment hunting. Let me tell you that every second I have spent is a second I wish I had back. There are a few hacks that can help get you through the torture of […]
Are You a Pot Hole Magnet? Here’s Some Advice
Where are the worst pot holes in the Hudson Valley? No seriously, I’m new to the area. Help a brother out. For as long as I’ve been a New York resident I’ve been thrilled with the quality of the roads but lately I’ve noticed that around here, the roads have been slipping …