Firefighters Put Out Blaze on Route 17 [VIDEO]
Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Early this evening, a car fire backed up traffic on Route 17, just before the exit to get onto 84. I happened to be driving that way at the time and got caught up in traffic for a while. I don’t have any details yet about how the fire got started, […]
I’m Sorry Jesus. My Good Friday Fail.
So, I misread the situation. Life is one big learning experience   As I drove home last Friday, I became stuck in traffic only to find something that absolutely shocked me. There was a massive crowd of people behind police tape, cop cars, a man was screaming from a mega phone and then finally, …
How To Get Out of a Ticket: Hudson Valley Residents Weigh In
Whether you’re a cautious driver or a little bit reckless, there’s a good chance that you’ve gotten a ticket in your lifetime. Have you ever fought the law and won? I recently moved to the Hudson Valley and my dad, like most fathers was one of the first to help me move. He drove…

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