World Record

Man Sets Himself on Fire for World Record [VIDEO]
The drive for a world record was so strong for one man that he went all Human Torch. I understand the desire to make your mark. To have a legacy. To be known, if even for fifteen minutes. But not the willingness to set yourself on fire to achieve this. I guess I just don’t […]
Stomping the Record at the Walkway Over the Hudson
For the third year in a row, the Walkway Over The Hudson invited the community up to break a Guiness World Record and this past Sunday we managed to stomp at least one record…literally!…And the best part is, it was a surprise addition! Yes, that is green bubble wrap, thousands of feet …
Paramore, Breaking Records [Video]
In Paramore’s latest video for their single “Ain’t It Fun,” they broke a total of 10 world records. There were some that were broken as a whole and some that were broken by each of the band members. Here’s a list of some of the the world records Paramore now hold. …