Was There a Zombie Outbreak in Poughkeepsie?
Is the government hiding a zombie outbreak at the Saint Peter's Cemetery? The truth is out there and we need to find it!

Do you believe in the walking dead? For most fans of Halloween this chilling sight is actually one of the best decorations we could see in October.
Where Can You Find A Zombie Santa?
Zombie Santa? Yes he exists and is getting help from his “Un-Dead” Helpers.  A haunted house in Tennessee is bringing the screams this holiday season. “Instead of Christmas cheer, we are spreading some holiday fear,” said Carroll Moore, who is turning his Halloween s…
Less obstacles, more zombies.
As you guys are probably well aware, I enjoy obstacle course racing. From the uber-fun Warrior Dash to the hyper competitive Spartan Race, I try to run as many of these damn things as I can. HOWEVER, there’s one that’s just amazingly bizarre and it actually has people chasing you. Peop…