The highly anticipated new album from Weezer, "Everything's Going To Be Allright In The End" was initially due in stores on September 30th. The band has just announced via Tumblr that they'll be pushing the album release into October. They did not give a reason, but did release a video containing the tracklist.

'Everything Will Be Alright in the End' Tracklisting:
1. 'Ain’t Got Nobody'
2. 'Back To The Shack'
3. 'Eulogy For A Rock Band'
4. 'Lonely Girl'
5. 'I’ve Had It Up To Here'
6. 'The British Are Coming'
7. 'Da Vinci'
8. 'Go Away'
9. 'Cleopatra'
10. 'Foolish Father'
11. 'The Futurescope Trilogy'
a. 'The Wasteland'
b. 'Anonymous'
c. 'Return To Ithaca'

While the music video for Back To The Shack isn't ready yet, the band has release a lyric video which you can check out here.