It feels like just yesterday that McDonald's announced they were going to be bringing back their iconic Halloween buckets....and everyone lost their minds trying to get their hands on one. You remember Halloween 2022, right?

Well now that spooky season 2023 is officially upon us, McDonald's confirmed that they would in fact be bringing back the buckets with some big design changes.

However this year, a new fast food spot has entered the bucket game with Burger King introducing their own specialty bucket that will take a little work to get your hands on.

It's the official 'battle of the halloween buckets' - 2023 edition.

McDonald's Halloween Boo Buckets Return for 2023 With New Designs and Without One Fan Favorite

As we learned with last years frenzy, people are very passionate about their McD's Boo Buckets, traveling all over to get one (or more) for their collection.

Boo Buckets date all the way back to 1986 when the fast food joint first introduced their original Halloween pail. Fast forward to 2022, they gave us three designs including an orange pumpkin, green ghoul, white ghost.

For 2023 McDonald's took things to a new level, with four bucket designs for their October 17th launch that include a monster, skeleton, mummy and vampire. Missing from this year's collection is the iconic white ghost

Sources indicate that the buckets will be available as long as supplies last or until Halloween night.

BK Enters the Halloween Bucket Craze

Shortly after the rumors of the 2023 Boo Bucket plan started swirling, information about a 'competition bucket' became available. Burger King has indicated that they will be offering their own Halloween Bucket, along with a special Halloween food deal. Their launch is scheduled a few days before their competitors, however, the BK buckets only seem to be available in FOUR cities.

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Justin Sullivan

Beginning October 13th, in Nashville, TN, Las Vegas NV, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA, Burger King will make their $1 Halloween Bucket available for purchase, complete with glow-in-the-dark ghost peppers decorating the perimeter of the bucket.

For the rest of us not in those four (random) cities, we'll have to settle for a limited-edition ghost pepper crown that will be available at no cost with any purchase at every location (while supplies last).

Get a peek of the design and more info about the BK Halloween Bucket here.

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