Here are five fantastic DoorDash offers I've found for those times when cooking  just isn't in the cards.


Dutchess County Government/ Facebook
Dutchess County Government/ Facebook

Jersey Mike’s

On the DoorDash app, redeem your Jersey Mike’s "SHORE POINTS" at checkout. Enjoy free delivery on orders over $12, saving you the usual $5 to $6 DoorDash fees, unless you're a monthly member. The sandwiches here—sometimes called grinders—are simply delicious.


McDonald's To Use Healthier Oil For Fries
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Get a complimentary item with orders over $15. Given today’s prices, it's hard to place an order at McDonald’s that doesn't hit $15. The best part? Order a two cheeseburger value meal and a Big Mac, head to checkout, and watch the Big Mac become free. The mechanics are a bit mysterious, but it definitely works.


Town of Wappingers Falls
Town of Wappingers Falls

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken

Enjoy 50% off select orders, particularly their famed fried chicken sandwiches. Your $7 chicken sandwich is now just $3.50. Essentially, it's a buy one, get 50% off the next deal.


Photo credit: A. Boris
Photo credit: A. Boris

Taco Bell 

The Discounted Cantina Chicken Burrito is now included in all orders over $25 ( For a limited time) If you're anything like me, a drunken taco bell delivery is in zero danger of coming up short of $25.


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Salsa Fresca

Still The Best Deal Around!


Look no further than Salsa Fresca. They currently offer weekday specials: buy one, get one free on burritos. With up to six burrito options available, what could have been a nearly $40 meal with delivery now totals around $20, depending on your generosity to your Dasher. It’s an unbeatable deal. My friend and I have been taking advantage of it twice weekly for the past month. These burritos are seriously tasty.


While picking up these items yourself or grocery shopping might have been cheaper in the past, these DoorDash deals are the perfect solution when you want to stay put but still need to eat well and save some cash.



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