Dwayne Joyner, a soft-spoken 21-year-old from the Town of Poughkeepsie, saved another man's life on Main Street in Poughkeepsie on Wednesday.

Joyner, who is a student at Nubian Directions Youthbuild/Americorps program, had just received NARCAN training and certification on Tuesday under the leadership of President Robert Wright and Coordinator Mario Johnson.

On Wednesday, while preparing to attend a job fair, Joyner was walking past Chase bank on Main Street when he noticed a few people gathered around an unresponsive man perched on an elevated window sill.

An unidentified lady dialed 911 while Joyner rushed across the street to Nubian to retrieve the Naloxone nasal spray and returned to the male who was still unresponsive and had lips that were turning blue.

Joyner, while nervous yet confident, administered the spray to the male while many onlookers were advising him not to.

"I told them that I had the proper training and if it was a heroin overdose, it could save his life," Joyner said.

Within three minutes of administering the Narcan, the patient started to show signs of life. City of Poughkeepsie police officers arrived on the scene and took custody of the man who just had his life saved by Dwayne Joyner.