Kids today have no idea what they are missing!

As we approach summer this year, lots of families are starting to plan a bunch of different trips, and anytime I think about being a kid back in the day I have some great memories of places that we would always visit at least once every year that are no longer around.

In my earlier years my family lived in Long Island and most weekends the family would pile in the station wagon and head up to my grandmother's house in the Catskills for a little trip. On some of the trips we would get to visit the theme parks in the Catskills, back then there were a bunch of places that we would go to, unfortunately, most of those places are no longer around.

Do you remember any places that you went to as a kid that aren't around anymore?

Carson City and Indian Village

Carson City and Indian Village was located a few miles up the road from the Catskill Game Farm on Route 32 in Catskill. It was a wild west-themed park that had all kinds of western-themed fun including actors doing fake train robberies. My favorite part of each trip was the staged gunfights that they would do. I also loved the train rides...LOL! Carson City was open for 40 years or so and closed down in the '90s.

Catskill Game Farm

If you lived in New York, the Catskill Game Farm was a must-visit for families for over 70 years. It was the one place I couldn't wait to go to every year. Obviously, I loved seeing all the animals, riding the train around the park, the fun shows they would put on were always great. The only bad memory I have from a visit was one time my family and I were feeding the giraffes and I took a bit of the giraffes' food and my dad started screaming at me!! "CJ the food is for the animals NOT YOU!!" He yelled so loud that everyone around us heard him and started laughing at me. Not fun...well kind of funny now!

Magic Forest

The Magic Forest, located in Lake George is no longer open as its own place but has been incorporated with the Lake George Expedition Park which opened in 2019 and also includes the Dino Roar Valley. When the Magic Forest was open on its own it had the largest Uncle Sam statue in the world according to Wikipedia. It was one of Jess' favorite places to visit as a kid, she loved the Alice in Wonderland-type of tree walk...not sure what that is...LOL!

What places did we miss? Please text us through the Wolf app any places that you would visit as a kid that no longer exist. Any new additions to our list will be added to this article, so keep checking back.

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