Residents in the Hudson Valley noticed a big surprise the other day.

We live in a world today where everyone pretty much has a Ring Camera or some kind of recording device at their home. They are great for so many reasons, but they are especially great for when you want to see all the wildlife that comes by your house.

One Hudson Valley resident recently posted a pretty incredible picture in a local Facebook group and they were able to get the photo off their camera.

Why are there so many bears in the Hudson Valley?

It's no secret of surprise that bears seem to be popping up everywhere in the Hudson Valley. It seems like over the past few years the bear population has increased, they are coming a bit close and it's not slowing down anytime soon.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, black bears are an important and natural component of New York's ecosystem. They also pointed out that bears are pretty well established in many areas now.

What animals were recently spotted in the Sullivan County area of the Hudson Valley?

F. Mahnken/Canva
F. Mahnken/Canva

One resident was able to get this image and as you can see multiple bears are in their front yard. Yes, you saw that correctly...

What are you supposed to do if you see a bear?

In this case, stay inside and make sure all your animals are inside as well. Here are some other "beary" important safety tips:

  • Never feed or approach bears
  • Secure your food, garbage and recycling
  • Be mindful of bird feeders
  • Never leave pet food outdoors
  • Clean and store grills and smokers
  • Alert neighbors of bear activity

According to the DEC, around 80% of human-bear conflicts are resolved with simple advice and don't require DEC action. Phew...

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Where else have bears been spotted in the Hudson Valley?

Last year, multiple bear sightings were reported in the Hopewell Junction/Beekman area. There's also been some bear sightings in recently Wappingers Falls, Fishkill and Poughkeepsie. So needless to say they are sticking around and we all just need to learn how to live with each other.

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Also... I hate to have to even say this, but please don't go out there and intentionally harm one.

There's my PSA for the day.

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