Now we've all heard about all these myths about drinking alcohol and all the bad things it does to you. Fortunately for all of you out there, I've found a bunch of these myths to be wrong making drinking is not as bad as our mothers made it out to be. Not that doing certain things while drinking isn't bad, like driving or texting members of the opposite sex, that's always bad to do while drinking, always.

Here's a list of a few FALSE myths:

  • Alcohol kills brain cells. The amount that would have to be in your system would kill you before it got to your brain cells. (On a sub-note, brain cells are always being created so it wouldn't be the end of the world anyway)
  • Alcohol helps prevent hypothermia. Very wrong, it actually aids in hypothermia. When you're drinking and you stop feeling cold, you're still cold! You're just too drunk to feel it, or care.
  • Drinking large amounts of alcohol can lead to spontaneous combustion. As much as I find that funny in all the wrong ways it's false. This myth was something that started in the prohibition era to keep people away from the drink because it was illegal.
  • Drinking coffee makes you get sober faster. Yeah, No.
  • Alcohol "cooks out" of food. A lot of people will cook with wine and other things to give certain dishes extra flavor. My parents always told me that there would be no more alcohol in it, just the flavor. As it turns out there will be amounts of alcohol left unless you cook it to some kind of no-longer-edible black charred thing.

If you're looking for more of a sciency explanation, here's a link to the original article I found on Gizmodo.