Newburgh is in Orange County and is known as one the biggest historic districts within New York State. From the views of the beautiful Hudson River, nightlife of the Newburgh Waterfront and to the outdoor parks, there’s always something to do.

Here are some facts about Newburgh and its history that we may not have known.

  • Henry Hudson visited Newburgh

We have all heard about the infamous Henry Hudson. Hudson was the first European explorer to make his way around the river, traveling north to Newburgh. In 1609, Hudson’s ship which was named Half Moon, spent a short amount of time in this town.

  • Newburgh began to expand in the 1700’s

In 1750, Newburgh expanded its streets and mills were being operated. Farms were flourishing and docks were set in place. A ferry brought passengers on local trips adding to the expansion and commercial growths of Newburgh.

  • General Washington resided in Newburgh

Newburgh was the home to many things but is strictly known as the grounds where General Washington took charge. Washington led the war from Newburgh and claimed peace for this area. He lived in the Hasbrouck house during the last year of his stay and during part of the war. In the mid 1850’s, this house was bought by the state and named as the first building to be apart of a historical site.

  • Ships were built in Newburgh during WWI

During WWI, the need of shipyards and plants grew. This expansion allowed ships to be built in Newburgh at the time. These ships were named after towns in the Hudson Valley such as S.S. Firth cliff and S.S Walden.

  • Newburgh was the main spot for activities and events

Thinking of Newburgh now, we couldn’t imagine it being the first place to go for almost anything. Outdoor sports such as ice boating and rowing clubs were big. Casinos and ballrooms were filled with residents. However, the sports of yachting and speed skating make sense along the beautiful Hudson River that we enjoy visiting during the warmer months.

Did you know about these historical facts of Newburgh?


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