America is in the age of the celebrity president. Ronald Reagan was a movie star. The current guy is a reality TV show host. We've joked about Kanye West putting his hat in the ring, and now it turns out The Rock - a man who I just watched in a movie where he stopped a torpedo with his bare hands - is actually leading in the polls for the next election.

But maybe America isn't ready to smell what The Rock is cooking. The Hudson Valley is home to a whole host of celebrities who might be great at the whole politics thing. Don't believe me? Check out these famous names and what they could pull off in the oval office.

1. Liam Neeson

What we need is a President with a particular set of skills. Would he not be the most intimidating president ever? The Millbrook resident could solve the world's problems just by staring them down and hanging up the phone.

2. Paul Rudd

Does owning a candy shop in Rhinebeck qualify you to run the free world? What about being Ant-Man, does that help? I picture President Rudd in character as Andy from Wet Hot American Summer, a lazy doofus who just wants to have a good time and make out with everyone. Isn't that the American dream?

3. Emma Roberts

The American Horror Story and Scream Queens star was born in Rhinebeck, and though she may be too young to qualify for the presidency just yet, she should get to run anyway. I believe it's written in the Constitution that if you're somehow related to Julia Roberts, you can bypass certain laws that us mere mortals can not.

4. James Earl Jones

The actual voice of Darth Vader lives in Poughkeepsie, and nobody ran a tighter ship (or had a tighter grip) than Darth Vader. But really, President Mufasa would be who we were all looking for - strong, kind, able to appear in the clouds at will. That's the kind of president I want.

5. Snooki

Um... never mind, this is the last thing that anyone wants. Forget I said anything.

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