Did you just get a new pair of glasses and you are thinking that you should probably do something (finally) with all the old pairs of glasses you have stacked up? Wouldn't it be nice if they would let you keep the same frames? It would be less expensive, well, probably not. 

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So what can you do with the old glasses? You can donate them.

Where can you do it?

  • Believe it or not start with your eye doctor's office. Often, they have a collection/donation box in the waiting room or on their office counter top. Don't "see" it, ask them.
  • The next place to try is the place where you get your new pair of glasses made. Again, they might have a collection box also in the waiting area, but ask them.

Can anyone really do anything with old prescription eyeglasses?

  • Look for the "Lion's Club" mailboxes. Sounds odd, right? A mailbox that is for eyeglasses. There are several around, but there is one on 9W in Marlborough in front of the CVS Pharmacy, next to the RedBox machine. It looks just like one of those blue USPS mailboxes, but it is yellow and says "not for mail." You can drop your glasses in there.
  • You can donate your glasses by mail. VSP, an eye care insurance company will be accepting donations of glasses only through January 2022, then they are ending that program.

What about a 'big box store? Can you drop them off there?

  • You can also take your glasses to Sam's Club or Walmart, both of those places have drop off spots for old glasses that will then be donated.

One more thing, I suggest you also use one of your old cases and donate that as well, it will keep your former glasses in a bit better shape . Thanks for thinking about donating your old glasses! You are awesome.

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