Moms are heroes all year and yet they only get one day of appreciation. They love to be celebrated but they don't need extravagant gifts. Here are some things you can do for your mom that won't cost you a thing.

Times are tough. They've been tough and they continue to be difficult. I don't need to tell you that. Inflation is at 8.5% right now and that's the highest it has been in years. With products costing more teamed with the cost of gasoline right now many people are struggling. If you're living paycheck to paycheck or just getting by then you might be feeling a little guilty this weekend if you can't treat your mom to a fancy dinner or a spa day. You may really need to make the decision between taking mom out to a restaurant or filling up your gas tank. If you're in that predicament just know that you mom doesn't want you spending that money on her. After all, if you run out gas next week and need some cash you'll probably call her anyway.

Moms don't do what they do for praise and admiration. They do what they do out of unconditional love and you will always be their number one priority.

If you're low on cash this weekend here are some things you can do that don't cost anything.

  1. Bake her something
  2. Go for a walk or hike
  3. Make her a card / or write her a nice note or poem
  4. Clean her house or apartment
  5. Clean her car
  6. Do work around the house that she typically can't do
  7. Watch her favorite movie or television show

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