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Do You & Your Spouse Share Things Like a Toothbrush?
You kiss each other, right? Is it really that gross?
Even before we were in a global pandemic I never understood why some couples would ever share toiletries. It's just weird to me.
If you have been married for a while or have been living with your significant other for quite sometime there probably i…
Officials Urge Protesters To Get Tested for COVID-19
As many gather across the country to show their support for the unjust and tragic death of George Floyd, some government officials are urging protesters to get tested for COVID-19 if they have been around a large number of people.
Cuomo Suggests Essential & Retail Workers Get Tested for COVID-19
Governor Cuomo discussed the new criteria regarding who should get tested for COVID-19 in his latest briefing to the state.
There seemed to be a reoccurring message throughout the latest press conference led by governor Cuomo and that message urged many of us to get tested fo…

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