Did you know that some common items used for self-defense are actually illegal to own in New York State?

Being able to protect yourself in a dangerous situation is something everyone should be allowed to prepare for. But if you live in New York State, some common self-defense items are actually against the law to own. Last summer we discovered that an item called a "monkey fist" is actually considered a deadly weapon and is illegal to own in the Empire State. And that's not the only weapon that's forbidden.

Throwing stars, slingshots, brass knuckles and other items can easily purchased, but can you really get in trouble if you are found to have one? It turns out that there are several self-defense items that, like monkey fists, are also banned by the state.

While making some of these dangerous weapons illegal seems like common sense, others may leave you scratching your head wondering why you can't own one. Scroll down to check out this list of illegal weapons and let us know which ones you were surprised to find out were actually against the law to own.

8 Self Defense Weapons Outlawed in New York