An 8-year-old Orange County girl was more concern with helping out others on her birthday, rather than receiving gifts.

Peyton, an 8-year-old from the Town of Newburgh is filling people's hearts with joy with what she did on her birthday.

Peyton had her birthday party and instead of gifts for her, she asked her guests to bring donations for the Hudson Valley SPCA. It's a such a sweet thing to do, especially for a child.

The Hudson Valley SPCA posted Peyton's picture along with all the donations she and her party guest provided on Facebook.

Hundreds of people liked the post and it was shared numerous times. Way to go Peyton! We need more people like you in this world!

The Hudson Valley SPCA also has a Go Fund Me set up to for people to donate money to help them upgrade their facility. It will allow them to save more lives and improve the quality of the lives of the pets that currently live there.