It seems lately that every popular movie from the 80's and 90's is getting a re-boot or a re-do or, help us all, a 30 year later sequel?

Are people actually going to see these movies? Is it out of curiosity? Are people so attached to the original characters that they have to see what these characters have been up to? That has to be it, because Hollywood is banking on these "ideas" to get people to spend money on the ever increasing price of a movie ticket.

The next movie to get the re-boot or sequel, it could have to do with the 1988 movie "Twins" featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.

Where is this information coming from? Danny DeVito told reporters at a charity gala in London that he and Arnold Schwarzenegger need to find the time to film "Triplets," which has been in talks for years. The original film featured DeVito and Schwarzenegger as twin brothers who'd been separated at birth. Eddie Murphy has long been rumored to play another long-lost brother in the proposed "Triplets."