We took a serious trip down memory lane this week, reminiscing about some movie milestones of the 90s, favorite food picks, and gas prices dating back 20 years ago.  In case you missed out, here's a recap of some of our top 90s stories from this week during the 90s at Noon!

  • Ace Ventura Pet: Detective Turns 25!  Hard to believe but it's true, it was 1994 when "alrighty then" became a popular part of our conversations.  Read about what Courteney Cox had said to celebrate the anniversary.
  • Keeping with the entertainment world theme, we learned that Fuller House was signed for a 5th Netflix season (yay), but the announcement was made that this will be the FINAL season for the sequel to our 90s fav sitcom Full House (boo).
  • We learned that Fruit Roll-Ups were the snack food of choice in 1995.
  • A readers' poll (done in 2013) named Nirvana as one of the worst bands of the 90s - WHAT?  Also on that list, Hanson, Creed and Nickelback too.
  • Finally, gas prices ranged from $1.06-1.23 during the 90s, those were the days.

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