Fuller House

90s At Noon: 2/4-2/8 Recap!
Highlights from the 90s at Noon this week - a 90s TV sequel was not renewed beyond season 5, a favorite 90s movie turned 25 this week, surprising poll results about popular/unpopular bands - we covered it all!
Netflix Is Testing a Reward System for Binge-Watching
Just like every addiction, Netflix is seeking to make theirs fun for kids. User reports have revealed that the streaming service has begun testing “patches” on certain youth-oriented programming, with an aim to introduce “collectible items for a more interactive experience. …
'Fuller House' Renewed for Season 3 in 2017
The first season of Netflix Full House revival Fuller House proved a major hit for the streaming service, and even if Season 2 couldn’t quite match its success, the Tanners will give it a third shot regardless. The series has officially been renewed for Season 3, arriving in 2017.

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