No matter how old you were during the '90s you probably watched an episode or 2 of some great Nickelodeon shows, right?  I mean who didn't love watching Double Dare and seeing the giant nose and the epic slime.

Take those Nick memories and combine them with one of our other favorite '90's pastimes, the ice cream truck, and enter our new summer obsession.

Nickelodeon Slime Ice Cream & Pops - #winning!

We've all seen, or probably ate, our fair share of Nick-themed ice cream treats over the years, most notably those bright yellow Spongebob pops, but here's something new.  Bustle reports,

the desserts will be sold exclusively at Walmart starting on Monday, April 29. The ice cream is vanilla ice cream with green frosting swirls (aka slime), and comes in those cups with the peel-off lid that were a staple at every kids' birthday party in the '90s. The bars are orange and lemon-lime flavored in a swirling green and orange colors that are reminiscent of the color of slime and of Nickelodeon's logo. A pack of 12 ice cream cups will go for $4.97, and a box of 12 bars will cost $2.97.

I can't think of anything more '90's to kick off summer, can you?