You know you were a teenage during the '90's if you hosted or went to a sleepover and played this game.

Mall Madness is making a comeback this year...and the fans went WILD!

There are some days I can't even remember if I closed the front door before leaving my house, but the memories of playing this classic board game from the '90's are SO very vivid.  Hearing where the sales were, and that trumpet that would play when funds ran out -the simple days!

Hasbro is coming through for us more than 30 years after the original release of the electronic shopping board game.

According to Scary Mommy:

The game board had 22 different stores on two levels, and stores with pithy names like “I.M. Coughin Drug Store,” “2 Left Feet Shoes,” “Novel Idea Books,” and “Fork It Over Kitchen Store,” and you could even buy a slice at “Aunt Chovie’s Pizza” with your fake money. When your credit card maxed out, all you needed to do was get to the closest ATM on the board to get more money. Boom. Budget crisis over.

I was initially a little worried that the board would be too modernized to keep up with the current trends, however, the Scary Mommy article assures us that isn't the case

many of the game's core elements remain the same.


October 1st is the release date via major retailers, or if you're feeling a bit anxious, you can pre-order on Amazon now.