What has two thumbs and didn't sleep last night? THIS GUY! Yup, It took me over 3 hours to fall asleep and if I kept my cell phone at my bedside I would have seen plenty of social media posts complaining about the same thing. However, I keep my phone in a separate room because sleep is very important to me both physically and mentally.

Every night after 11pm, without fail, I'll see a facebook post about someone saying "I can't sleep" or something of the like. Well, the solution is staring right back at them. Put your phone away, stop staring at a lit screen for hours on end.

I'll be honest, I tossed and turned for 3 hours last night but not once did I turn on a screen. If I stay patient and commit to going to bed at a certain time, my body should eventually get back into the correct rhythm. If this doesn't work I still seek comfort in knowing that I can at least start my morning with a black cup of Joe and have fun hosting my Mid Day radio show.