Ever hear the story of KISS legend Ace Frehley's weekend with "hookers" at late Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell's house? You’re about to!

We shot a ton of footage with Ace Frehley when he stopped by our studio last month. Dimebag Darrell may have been Frehley’s biggest fan, even getting the Spaceman’s likeness tattooed on his chest. We asked Ace to share a memory of Dimebag and what he told us was beyond anything we could have guessed.

Ace Frehley spent a weekend with Dimebag at the Pantera icon’s home in Dallas. The two guitarists were reasonably loaded during the affair, so much that Ace doesn’t remember recording a song with Dime. According to Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney, it happened and Ace has been contemplating its possible release.

Things only got crazier as the weekend progressed. Ace says a few "hookers" came over to the house toward the end of the weekend, with things even getting more interesting, so to speak.

Ace remembers getting pleasured by a "hooker" during the weekend, and as if that wasn’t enough, Ace was “serviced” while Dimebag and his girlfriend Rita Haney watched. “I didn’t care 'cause I was kind of loaded and so were they. Everybody was just like one big, happy family,” Ace told us.

Watch Ace’s recollection of this raunchy rock tale in the clip above, and pick up Ace's new album, Origins, Vol. 1, at iTunes.

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