The Album of the Week for January 23-27, 2017 is the new self-titled album from AFI. It is also referred to as the Blood Album. The 10th album from the band, was released on January 20, 2017. The album was recorded at Megawatt Studios in Los Angeles.

  1. "Dark Snow"
  2. "Still a Stranger"
  3. "Aurelia"
  4. "Hidden Knives"
  5. "Get Hurt"
  6. "Above the Bridge"
  7. "So Beneath You"
  8. "Snow Cats"
  9. "Dumb Kids"
  10. "Pink Eyes"
  11. "Feed from the Floor"
  12. "White Offerings"
  13. "She Speaks the Language"
  14. "The Wind That Carries Me Away"

Want to win your own copy? Brandi will be giving them away around 8:35am each morning this week. Be listening to call in, 845-451-WRRV (9778) to get your own copy!

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