Alanis Morissette honored her former bandmate Taylor Hawkins during a recent show in London. Watch her onstage tribute to the late legendary drummer below.

Hawkins has been in multiple bands and worked with lots of musicians. He was a part of Morissette's touring band from 1995-1997, prior to joining the Foo Fighters the same year. You can spot him in her music videos for "You Oughta Know" and "You Learn."

In an interview on The Matt Wilkinson Show in 2018, he expressed his gratitude for Morissette and said that he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her, adding that he would "be delivering pizza if it wasn't for Morissette."

According to NME, Morissette is on her Jagged Little Pill anniversary tour and she paid tribute to Hawkins during the first of two shows at The O2 in London. She honored the drummer while she played her song "Ironic" at the end of her set. Images of Hawkins were displayed while she played the song and when it was over, another image of him was on the screen with "In Memory of Taylor Hawkins" overlaying the image.

Hawkins sadly died at the age of 50 in his hotel room in Bogotá, Columbia while on tour with the Foo Fighters earlier this year. Tons of tributes have been made to honor the drummer. In September,  there will be two "Foo Fighters and Hawkins Family Present Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts," and Morissette will be making a guest appearance at the Los Angeles show.

Alanis Morissette Honors Taylor Hawkins Onstage in London

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