A welcome announcement from Amtrak last month told New Yorkers that they would be now connected with the beautiful town of Burlington, Vermont on a new route of the Ethan Allen Express Line. The route that used to stop at Albany will now extend all the way down to New York City.

Even more details, including travel options, menus, and other accommodations have been released as well, making it a wonderfully unique solution for budget-friendly summer vacation.

Train Destinations from New York

Especially when taking the cost of fuel into consideration, train travel may be your most affordable option for vacation travel this year, too. Amtrak already offers routes to hubs like Boston and Philadelphia for prices as low as $18, and you can even visit further destinations like Chicago or Washington, D.C. The new route that was just announced, however, offers something different.

New Amtrak Line from Vermont to New York

For the first time in almost 70 years, Amtrak has announced train service between New York City and Burlington, Vermont. This may even be a bigger boon for Vermont, as there hasn't been any passenger train service to Burlington since the 1950s. Stops will include Middlebury and Vergennes, VT as well.


Travel Details

The train ride is roughly seven hours long, with only one trip to and from Vermont each day. New Yorkers can catch a 2:20 pm train to Vermont (which will roll into Burlington just before 10 pm), and leave Vermont for New York daily at 10 am. The trains travel between Penn Station in New York City, and Burlington, VT. New details about how you can ride have been shared as well.

The Farmington River near the Saville Dam.
You're just a few hours away from a Vermont vacation! (Pjard)

Travel Options on the Train

Like a plane, there are a few comfort options when it comes to traveling. They share the same names, too: business and coach. The upgraded business option provides extra legroom and free soft drinks and has its own dedicated car. Since it is a long ride, food options are available as well. Paninis, wraps, and salads will usually all be on the menu. Also good news for pet owners: dogs and cats 20 pounds and under are welcome in a pet carrier.

Michelle_Raponi via Canva
Burlington, Vermont (Michelle_Raponi via Canva)

Great Vacation Option

If you haven't booked summer travel yet, this could be a great option. Not only are rail tickets generally the most affordable form of mass transit (please don't suggest taking a bus to Vermont), but some of the lesser-known American cities like Burlington or Middlebury could also mean lower prices during your stay. Plus, you get to uphold the great American tradition of rail travel.

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