Be on the lookout for this former SUNY Cortland student.

For most people, it's a dream to appear on television and make their way in the entertainment industry. One former student from a New York University is making her way in Hollywood and she's bringing her college along the way.

'NCIS' is a crime show that's been on for years and years now. It's one of those comfort shows that you can put on while you're doing work, cleaning or relaxing and you can keep it on all day. You know, no matter when you start watching the show in the series you can easily follow along and it all seems to makes sense.

So back to SUNY Cortland, one former student can be seen on 'NCIS' and she has a pretty cool story behind it.

What former SUNY Cortland student will appear on 'NCIS'?

SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Facebook/Canva
SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Facebook/Canva

Gabriella Piazza (who graduated in 2011) will be appearing on 'NCIS', yes that HUGE SHOW. Okay, now that's something amazing to talk about and be proud of.

Piazza is going to be playing a character named Molly who is trying to find her husband and needs help from the main cast of the show. There's another big SUNY Cortland connection to the show and it's not just Piazza....

Scott Williams (graduated from SUNY Cortland in '82) is executive producer and writer for the show and the two connected after a SUNY Cortland articles highlighted Piazza in a previous role she had. Remember 'The Sopranos" prequel 'The Many Saints of Newark'? Piazza also appeared in that film.

How did two SUNY Cortland alum connect about the television industry?

SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Facebook/Canva
SUNY Cortland Alumni Association Facebook/Canva

The pair connected after the article and the connection got even stronger after grabbing breakfast.

Williams said,

"Despite our years’ difference at Cortland, we shared college stories like old pals. Besides her obvious acting talent, she’s also every bit a Red Dragon. Bright, funny, hardworking, and open to coaching. That impression led to an opportunity to audition for her role in “NCIS.”

You never know who you are going to connect with and what opportunities will happen. Gabriella Piazza will be appearing on 'NCIS' during the season finale on Monday, May 6th on CBS and the episode is called 'Reef Madness".

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Congrats Gabriella and we hope you have tons of cool opportunities throughout your career. We will all be on the lookout for you on television.

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