Rock music's current state is full of artists experimenting with new sounds and ideas, and Evanescence are not immune to that. Vocalist Amy Lee tells Loudwire Nights that the band's upcoming new album is 100 percent Evanescence, but they definitely took some risks along the way.

Evanescence's latest full-length release was 2017's Synthesis, which consisted of reworked versions of their favorite songs in their catalog. They dropped a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" earlier this year, and a fifth effort is underway as the rockers have been in the studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz.

"The songs came from all different places, they're not all in the same vein," Lee explains. Though they originally only planned to do a few songs at a time and release them one by one, they now have four under their belt. "It's going really great. It's a combination of a lot of things."

"It's definitely 100 percent us," the singer adds. "But it's also taking risks, and I think it's meaningful — deeply meaningful... A lot of it has attitude."

While the frontwoman can't reveal much about the album's theme and lyrical content, she clarifies the new perspective that she has as a songwriter due to some of the events that have occurred in her life. In addition to becoming a mother, Lee also lost her brother.

"I definitely have felt like I have one foot on the other side a lot the past two years," she admits. "So there's a lot of writing that's, I guess in a way back to my roots in that I'm searching for meaning in things... That stuff's all in there. But it's not all dark and serious."

To hear more about Evanescence's recent endeavors and Lee's appearance on Body Count's upcoming album Carnivorelisten to the full interview above.

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