It’s a bit…early…to be banking on a sequel to the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film. Justin Kurzel’s movie based on the hit video game franchise doesn’t hit theaters until December, but a new report suggests that New Regency is already plotting a second Assassin’s Creed with Michael Fassbender set to return. While the studio might just be securing their option, it’s also quite possible that Kurzel’s film is that good.

Assassin’s Creed reunites the Macbeth director with Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and if their previous effort is any indication, then The Tracking Board’s report that New Regency and UbiSoft are already plotting Assassin’s Creed 2 shouldn’t be that surprising. Take this news with a grain of salt, but if true, we may be on the verge of witnessing the first genuinely great video game adaptation.

The film stars Fassbender as Callum Lynch, a man who uses a revolutionary new technology to access his genetic memories to live as his ancestor Aguilar, a member of an elite order of Assassins in 15th century Spain. Lynch uses the knowledge and skills acquired from the past to take on the Templar, an ancient order that has been engaged in a secret war with the Assassins for centuries.

Assassin’s Creed also stars Michael K. Williams, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson and Ariane Labed, and hits theaters on December 21.