The following post contains potential spoilers for Alien: Covenant, including a pretty surprising new cast member (who essentially has a glorified cameo). In addition, a handful of newly-leaked set photos have arrived online, revealing some intriguing — though seemingly not too spoiler-y — details about Ridley Scott’s latest Alien prequel. Spoilers ahoy, and all that.

The typically reliable AvP Galaxy fan site has the latest intel on Alien: Covenant, starting with the surprising addition of James Franco to the cast. Franco will reportedly play Branson, the captain of the Covenant ship and husband of Katherine Waterston’s character, Daniels. Although it was initially reported that Waterston’s Daniels it the captain of the colony ship, it seems that position falls to her when her husband…goes missing? Ditches the crew? Dies? That part is unclear, but the site reports that Franco’s role is rather small; he’ll appear in the first 10 minutes or so of the film with “later small appearances.”

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed because Franco is like a caricature of himself at this point; more gimmick than actor. But our own Erin Whitney attended a special event last night where Fox showed about 25 minutes of Alien: Covenant footage. According to Erin, much of that footage featured an incredibly badass Waterston, so I’m not too concerned about this Franco thing.

Moving on, AvP Galaxy also posted a series of set photos, a couple of which depict the Engineer genocide scene featured in earlier set pics — as you can see, it looks like there might be some female Engineers:

That last photo is also intriguing, and according to the latest report, the little Xenomorph creature belongs to Michael Fassbender’s David, who has taken over a temple on this paradise-like planet. That little guy is one of David’s failed creations, which he keeps on display inside his temple.

With footage recently screened for press and the release date moved up to May 19, 2017, the first trailer for Alien: Covenant should be imminent.