The annual Hudson Valley holiday tradition continues in Orange County. The tradition is Eggbert the talking egg at Devitt's Nursery & Supply, 56 Devitt Circle, New Windsor, NY.

As a person who has gone to visit Eggbert with friends and family members I can only encourage you to go and check it out. How to describe the experience? That is tough. When you tell someone that you are going to see a giant talking egg who has more influence on holiday gifts that the jolly man in the red suit, people do look at you a bit oddly.

Once you get them to Devitt's and walk them through the many, many rooms of holiday decorations, see the kids write letter to Santa and mail them. When you watch the kids play with the race cars and then listen to them as they line up, waiting for a chance to see and talk with Eggbert.

When you make it through the line to the star of the show, the excitement grows moment by moment, as they kids start to spy Eggbert. When they are finally in front of him, it is a  magical moment. Some of the children are quick to talk to Eggbert, others are quick to hide in their parents jacket. Amazingly, regardless of age, Eggbert knows each one of their names. It is so wild how he knows their names. The kids are completely excited and ready for Christmas after their visit.

Will you be going this year? I know that I will be. Eggbert starts to share Christmas with the Hudson Valley on November 24, 2017. I know that I will be going again this year, hopefully bringing someone new to the experience with me and I know that Eggbert will also know my name.