I introduced you all to my family's catch phrase "TT" back in January, short for Typical Turco, things that always seem to happen to us.  The phrase is growing in popularity these days and friends are even coming up with their own acronyms for the wild things that always seem to happen to them.

Well, our TT series of events started on Saturday when we decided to break out the grill for a good ol' fashioned BBQ with friends across the street.  We stopped on the way home from soccer practice to pick up a fresh propane tank and began prepping.  Fast forward a few hours, friends are over, we're hanging out on the deck having a few drinks and the grill isn't starting, strange.  We tried everything, no luck.  Well, enter TT, the propane tank was completely empty.  Now, I'm not going to say who did it, but, it wasn't me or the 3.5 year old who purchased an empty tank from the store....

Our friends said hey, we'll just bring our tank over, TT strikes for the second time when the grill lights for all of 5 minutes and their tank runs dry.  The 3rd TT hit when we finally hooked up a brand new FULL tank and almost lit the house on fire because the grill got so hot and the flames so high that it looked like the movie Backdraft.

I thought that would probably be enough for one week, but I guess we're really lucky ---this morning I got up to turn the news on, as I do every morning, and our less than 4 year old TV was flickering.  Unplugged, plugged back in, reset inputs, checked HDMI cords, NADA.  Same friend across the street knows his way around a TV and told my husband 'it didn't look good' so now we managed to blow our television that has coincidentally been discontinued by the company...woof.  Maybe we need a new propane tank for the TV, too? :)

These TT moments on top of the stupid amount of rain lately, can we get a do-over and fast forward to next week?