The Hudson Valley's newest barbeque restaurant is set to open this weekend and we've got an exclusive peek inside the establishment. Handsome Devil will open Saturday despite delays they experienced in construction due to the pandemic.

You may recognize owner Ed Randolph as a champion on The Food Network's Chopped or from any of the many Hudson Valley events he's frequented in recent years. While searching for a new home, Randolph saw the first seven sites he was aiming for fall through but got lucky with number eight.

The new restaurant at 3 Corwin Court in Newburgh is a 5,400 square foot former medical building that has been fully transformed. Randolph had this to say about opening a new business during challenging times, 'most view opening during a pandemic as a negative thing. While we did face untimely delays and setbacks it is the unprecedented love and support we received from our community that I will never forget'.

Also an author, he credits the ability to open now to the local construction and trade workers that made it all possible. He views Newburgh as a place any small business looking for a home should consider due to all the support he's received from the community. He goes on to say, 'we are excited to share our passion for the craft of authentic southern BBQ with you. BBQ is all about family and we welcome you into our home.

The grand opening celebration kicks off Saturday the 21 at 11:30 AM.

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