My daughter had to make a trip to urgent care last week only to find out there was no medicine available. I'm not the only Hudson Valley parent struggling with this issue.

About a year ago it was almost impossible to find infant formula. Parents all over the nation and especially here in the Hudson Valley struggled to find specific types of formula. In some instances, it was difficult to find any at all. It has slowly gotten easier to find them but just when parents thought things might be getting a little easier we are now being hit with a new shortage and it is equally terrifying.

Did anyone else know that there was an antibiotic shortage?

I have a 1-year-old daughter and she developed flu-like symptoms. Initially, we thought she may have a COVID virus but it turns out that she just had a cold. Things went from miserable to worse for her in less than a week. After a trip to the emergency room, we discovered that she developed ear infections as small children often do.

The doctor said that she wanted to prescribe her amoxicillin but the solution wasn't that simple. The doctor explained to me that there was a shortage and it may not be easy to find.

Sure enough, the pharmacy was completely out and told us that no pharmacy in their chain had any within 50 miles of our location. Our prescription was eventually filled 3 days later.

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