Please, pretty please, just no.

Just when you thought that you couldn't get enough nostalgia these old tapes could be coming back.

Right around Christmas time I recall seeing VHS tapes for sale at the Target store in Poughkeepsie. Now, Urban Outfitters is selling them too for roughly $8.00 a piece.

You'll even see a ton at local yard sales, Hudson Valley Craigslist and even on out nearby Facebook Marketplace.

I need to know who the heck is buying these? If you are where the heck did you get your VHS player?

What a waste of space that must be.

I remember when I got my first DVD. I never looked back.

I'm all for nostalgia but I was there. I don't miss the terrible sound quality, the choppiness of the picture and have to get up to address the tracking.

I'm not sure how these things made a comeback but you'll never see me waste my money on them.