We all know that one coworker that makes us ask "How do they still work here"? Do you do any of these things at work? If so, you may have a shot lived career. Don't be a scumbag at work.

Today on the show we talked about a list that came out from Inc that explains the worst qualities that an employee can bring to the workplace. Do you have any of these traits? From a personal stand point, I believe that if you do three things from this list you should be fired.

Do you complain a lot?

Everyone has issues with the company. They've also got their own personal problems but keep it to yourself. It brings the office down.

Do you dress like a pig?

This is pretty simple. Follow the dress code and wash your clothes. If you're a messy eater than wear a bib. Don't wear your food on your shirt.

Are you late?

It's extremely unprofessional to show up late to work. Not only will your boss hate you but so will your coworkers.

Do you ask too many questions?

If you can't comprehend the answer by asking once or twice there is no shame in bringing this archaic device called a notepad.

Are you a slob?

Keep your workplace clean. Also, clean your food out of the refrigerator. No one needs to see your 3 month old fuzzy Chinese food.

Do you call out sick for no reason?

The worst thing you can do is be friends with coworkers on Facebook, then call in sick only to post pictures of your out of shape body at the beach.

Are you a bragger?

No one cares about your boat, who you know or about how cool you are outside of the office. Also no one cares about how much money you make. Keep it yourself.

Do you talk too loud?

It's not a library but it's not a pub either. Keep it classy and at a reasonable volume. Also, don't curse in every sentence. This goes for your radio too. Keep it down.