I don't know about you, but if you talked to me around the end of the summer into the early fall, I would have said that I felt as if we were getting a handle on the Covid-19 situation. Flash forward a few months, and as we begin 2022, the pandemic does not seem to be letting up. School districts like Arlington are returning to online synchronous learning temporarily due to the latest outbreaks. Events around the Hudson Valley are getting postponed, moved to a virtual setting, or are getting canceled outright. Even the Grammy's for Pete's sake is being postponed!

Governor Kathy Hochul is reminding New Yorkers there are plenty of things they can do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during this winter COVID19 surge. Among them are getting the vaccines and booster shots along with mask-wearing. It was reported that were over 84-thousand new COVID-19 cases statewide, and as of yesterday, 130 New Yorkers had passed away from the virus. There are just over 11-thousand people hospitalized in the Empire State, with Long Island leading in the weekly average of positive test results at 26-percent, followed by the mid-Hudson region at 23-percent and New York City at 22-percent. Just over 80-percent of New Yorkers 18-and-over have completed the vaccine series.

Just this week, I've had to quarantine because I had exposure to Covid-19. Fortunately, I have been quarantining for the proper amount of time once I found out about my exposure, I have been working from home, and I took two at-home Covid tests and both came back negative. Getting those at-home Covid tests was not an easy feat. Once I was informed about my exposure, I reached out to at least a dozen pharmacies in my area in regards to either getting tested or buying a test. Most places are booked up solid in regards to administering tests, while others are sold out. I check in with several Walgreens, Rite Aid's, and CVS Pharmacy's, and none of these big names were able to help me. Sure, I could order a test online, but most places said it would take about a week for it to arrive. Right when things were looking bleak, this one Fishkill pharmacy shined bright in the distance. They are either going to love me all the business I am about to send them or hate me for the mobs that are going to come their way.

I was aware of The Medicine Shoppe in Fishkill, NY because that is where we pick up medications for my grandparents; however, it was not one of the first places that came to my mind. I, like so many others, am preconditioned to think of the bigger names first. So, after checking in with about a dozen other pharmacies, it finally clicked in my head to check in with The Medicine Shoppe, and wouldn't you know, they had some! They were my saving grace! I managed to pick up tests for myself and my family members. 

Now, before you go rushing down to Fishkill to pick up your kit, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND calling their number first. Their number is 845-897-0636. When you call, they have an automated message that immediately plays alerting you whether or not they have the Covid test kits. I called the number while writing this article, and according to the message, they still do. Once they are out of stock, the message will be updated. For now, if you need a rapid test kit, and you've been struggling to find one, I recommend giving The Medicine Shoppe a call.

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