Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If you are like me there are about 46 weeks out of the calendar year that you need to take allergy medication of some kind. The good thing for me is that my seasonal allergies can be eased by taking over-the-counter medications.

Do you run into the same issue that I do when buying that allergy medication? Yes, I am thankful that I no longer need a prescription for certain things, but what about all of the hassle. Do you run into any of these issues? 

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Your allergy medication is really behind the pharmacy counter.


I quickly remember the change when all of the sudden (years ago) that the allergy medication that actually works, is sold at the pharmacy counter. I do not mind at all having to show my drivers license in order to get the meds. I do mind that my brain is not smart enough to remember when the pharmacy counter is open to pick up the stuff before I run out.

How often can you actually purchase the allergy medication in New York State?


Ugh, this gets me. Sometimes I only have the cash to get the 20-count, and then when I start getting all the coupons, I will buy the 30-count package. But I also can't remember when I just bought it, so I go to the counter to buy it again, because its on sale and I have a coupon, and the person working at the counter looks at me like I am going to cook meth in my basement, when in sad reality, I just want to work in the yard or mow my yard.

Here is the rule that I have come up with, based on the fact that there are certain levels in all of these products of pseudoephedrine, and you are limited to so much of it within a 30-day period.  So, how much can you buy? For me, I know that I can buy 2-20 count packages, or 1-30 count package before I am at the legal limit. Now if I could only guarantee that it is on sale and that I have a coupon when I actually need it.

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