There is an online facebook community of self proclaimed, or even nominated 'bad moms.' The group, with just over 5,000 members, which was established just about a year ago, is a place where moms in the area can simply be themselves...

  • share stories
  • post questions or look for advice
  • share the best memes, GIFs and videos you've ever seen
  • and do some great deeds for the Hudson Valley

The last one is what i'd like to touch on today.  Alanna Hamel, one of the founders of the Bad Moms Hudson Valley group, along with her fellow administrators and the help of the mom members, have raised a TON of money through donations this past week, all of which they are using to feed the medical staff at local hospitals who are working around the clock to battle the current COVID-19 situation.

In just a few days more than $2,000 in donations have been collected and used to order food delivery for the staff at Vassar Hospital.  They have been ordering from various restaurants, who, according to Alanna, have really gone out of their way to help the cause.  Places that don't typically do delivery are bringing the food to the hospital, going out of their delivery zones, and really just stepping up to support the Bad Mom efforts.  There are plans moving forward to provide food delivery to additional hospital/medical facilities in the area!

Alanna will be joining the show on Friday to talk a bit more about the Bad Moms, and what they are doing to support the incredible employees of the medical field.