I had to rush out of the house this morning. I had a late night, which led to me sleeping late. You got to hate those kinds of mornings. You feel like you're either in a fight-or-flight mentality all morning with your heart racing from the anxiety, or you are dragging because there is absolutely no life in you whatsoever. The worst part about it - I skipped breakfast.

A Good Bagel Can Save Your Morning!

Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash
Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

Someone was looking out for me, though. Someone was watching me from above because someone in the studio brought in bagels! Those beautiful circular mounds of dough! That, and a variety of cream cheeses! I love cream cheese so much. Sometimes I'll just steal a bite from the container without actually spreading it on anything. It was so lovely!

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So I can't do anything about my sleep deprivation right now, but at least my tastebuds and my tummy are in good order. If you're like me and are in need of a good bagel, let me help you! I got a list of 10 amazing bagel shops around Westchester for you to enjoy this morning!

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But wait, delis have great bagels, too! Why didn't you include any delis? Well, that's because we tried to focus on "bagel shops" that specialize in bagels. If you are so worried about delis, don't worry, because we have a whole other list for Westchester delis. Does that make you feel better? Check out the list below and see if your favorite is there!

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