There's a lot of time to fill over the course of 162-game baseball season and sometimes you get some gems from announcers. One such occurrence happened earlier this week on the Baltimore Orioles broadcast as play-by-play man Kevin Brown attempted to explain who Blink-182 were to his broadcast partner, color analyst Ben McDonald. And Brown did an admirable job of trying to connect the dots for McDonald on air, with the other broadcaster finally making the connection (at least we think he did).

How Would You Explain Blink-182 to Someone Who Didn't Recognize Them?

Within Tuesday's broadcast (Aug. 15) of the Orioles-Padres game, somehow the topic of Blink-182 came up in the conversation. But Brown seemed incredulous when McDonald admitted he wasn't familiar with the pop-punk icons.

"I'll be honest. Never heard of Blink-182," revealed the former Orioles player turned color commentator, adding, "It sounds like a fighter jet to me." Brown then accepted the challenge of trying to introduce the band to his broadcast partner.

When McDonald admitted he might know a song, Brown went down the past that most people would, attempting to sing some of their biggest hits. He started with "All the Small Things," but McDonald shut him down after a few notes, despite it being at least on the melodic range.

From there, Brown attempted to appeal to McDonald's baseball knowledge, explaining "Tom DeLonge is at a lot of Padres baseball games," but once again it didn't register.

Then he went with another song, asking, "'I Miss You'? You don't know that one?" "I might if I could hear the song," countered McDonald, and this is where Brown finally got his partner up to speed.

"Tom has this very distinct nasally voice," explained Brown, before affecting his delivery to match as he sang, "Where are youuuu? And I'm so sooorrry," that finally registered with McDonald.

While McDonald claimed that was what drove it home, Brown laughingly remained a little skeptical, stating "I DEFINITELY believe you, 100 percent." Watch the discussion play out below as shared in a tweet from the Awful Announcing website below.

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Where Are You, Blink-182?

While you may not catch Ben McDonald at a Blink-182 show anytime soon, there are lots of fans who have been flocking to catch DeLonge's return to Blink on tour. The band released the new song "Edging" late last year ahead of an expected new album later this year. The next leg of their touring kicks off on Sept. 1 in Glasgow, Scotland, with their Europe and U.K. run taking them through mid-October.

The band returns stateside for a pair of Las Vegas shows Oct. 21 and 22 before calling it for 2023. However, there are Australian and South American shows scheduled to kick off 2024. See all of their scheduled tour stops and get ticketing info here.

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