You've seen him on Spike's Bar Rescue--probably yelling at a deadbeat about how to fix his bar--now find out about some of the wildest stories he's seen.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more binge-worthy show than Bar Rescue. It doesn't even matter that the mechanics of every episode are the same: bar is down-on-its-luck (largely due to incompetence--either blatant or revealed as a surprise later in the episode), calls Jon Taffer, doesn't want to listen to Jon Taffer, and then Jon Taffer gives it a better theme and a formula for success. Some have gone on to embrace the idea--Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans was so successful that they're merchandising and expanding their business.

Naturally, I've got a lot to talk about with Jon Taffer, so it was exciting to have the experience to do so.

Bar Rescue is on Spike, Sundays at 9PM ET (usually featuring a several-hour marathon beforehand).