If you haven't noticed spring is definitely making its way into the Hudson Valley and New York state.

A few weeks ago the Department of Environmental Conservation shared a message about bears coming out of hibernation. The DEC explained that the bears coming out of hibernation might be extra hungry saying that "last fall, many black bears went into their dens with low fat reserves and as they begin to emerge from winter dens, have already begun seeking out food sources around homes."

They also urged New Yorkers to remove their bird feeders and to bring their garbage cans inside to avoid human/bear interaction.

With that being said, last week an eager black bear made their way into the city of Hudson and put on quite the show. The black bear that, according to the Hudson City Police Department, weighed about 100 pounds was scene climbing up a telephone pole.

After efforts put in to get the bear down and out of town, the bear took off but not without making some pit stops first. The Hudson City Police Department reports that the bear made stops at bird feeders and garbage cans along the way.

Hudson City PD is reminding residents to take precaution when it comes to easy accessible trash and bird feeders.