The weather this past Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! Highs in the Hudson Valley reached near-record highs of 63 degrees with mostly sunny skies. The historic average for this time of year is only 43 degrees, while the record high is 69 degrees.

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I spent much of the afternoon in New Paltz where everyone was dressed as if it were summer. People were outside enjoying local restaurants' outdoor seating. Other folks were walking their dogs, biking, skateboarding, and just wandering through town. I had my windows down in my car the whole time. It was quite the marvelous day. Little did any of us know; however, that the warmth would unearth something a little further south in the Hudson Valley.

Prehistoric Creatures Spotted on the Bear Mountain Bridge

Cue the Jurassic Park music! Just like how insects were starting to pop out due to the warm weather, Sunday's temperature also unearthed some long-forgotten creatures. Commuters on the Bear Mountain Bridge last Sunday were surprised to be greeted by four Tyrannosaurus Rexes! Now, this is quite a strange sight because the T-Rex went extinct around 65 million years ago! The fearsome creatures could be seen congregating on the sidewalk of the bridge.

Credit: Sean Distefano
Credit: Sean Distefano

Local resident Sean Distefano caught a picture of the majestic creatures. When asked for a statement, Distefano said, that he was driving across the bridge on his way to Peekskill when he spotted the dinosaurs. He was unsure how the prehistoric creatures got up onto the bridge. He also noted how traffic did not slow down or react to the sighting.

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Civilians had little to fear because Distefano said the T-Rexes were waving at cars as they went by, most likely celebrating the first warm day of the season. I'm glad to hear that those carnivores were being friendly! As cold-blooded creatures, I can understand why the dinosaurs would appreciate the warmth we had on Sunday.

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