Get ready to relive the magic of RENT as Broadway legends Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp reunite at the Paramount Hudson Valley on October 18th. For fans of the groundbreaking musical that defined a generation, this performance promises a journey through time, celebrating friendship, music, and the enduring impact of their iconic roles.


Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, whose friendship spans over three decades, will take center stage to share not only their musical talents but also intimate stories from their intertwined careers. From their humble beginnings in RENT, where they first captivated audiences as Roger and Mark, to their stellar performances on Broadway and beyond, their influence on the arts is profound and enduring.


Their journey includes a pivotal moment in Hollywood history, reuniting with the original Broadway cast for the 2005 film adaptation of RENT. I remember being mesmerized that fall of 2005 by how the film captured the essence of the late Jonathan Larson’s  musical, with almost the entire original cast reprising their roles and bringing their characters to life on the big screen.


The Paramount Hudson Valley sets the perfect stage for this event. This historic venue enhances the allure of the evening, offering a unique setting to witness these Broadway icons in action. Whether you're a longtime enthusiast of musical theater or discovering these stars for the first time, this performance promises an evening of pure magic and entertainment.


Join Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp for a night celebrating not just their remarkable careers but also the enduring spirit of RENT.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness two stage legends come together for an unforgettable experience.


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