Westchester County Executive George Latimer is once again taking action to ease the burden on Westchester residents’ wallets as he announces for the third time that Bee-Line Bus fares will be suspended from July 1 until September 4 during this summer. The fare suspension will also apply to the County’s ParaTransit system.

Bee-Line's Summer Vacation on Fares

"WORK, PLAY, OR A SUMMER BEACH DAY! GET THERE FREE ON THE BEE-LINE!" Westchester County Government announced that from July 1st through September 4th, people can enjoy free rides on all buses for the Bee-Line's Summer Vacation of Fares. The summer event is valid on all routes including ParaTransit.

In the summer of 2022, the County offered its first free rides program and saw a dramatic increase in ridership. The system experienced a 37% increase in riders from June through August of 2022, compared to the prior three month period in March through May.

Latimer said: “

This is a move we are able to make on behalf of Westchester residents due to the strong, smart fiscal management my Administration has taken during our tenure. From cutting property taxes to ensuring our Public Safety Department is fully funded, this is another way we County government can improve the lives of the people we serve.”

The Importance of the Bee-Line Bus

Over 65% of all Westchester County residents are within walking distance of a Bee-Line bus route, making the bus both close and convenient. The system has over 3,300 bus stops and almost 60 routes.

The Bee-Line is Westchester County's bus system, serving over 27 million passengers annually with convenient service connecting residents to jobs, recreation, shopping and other regional transportation services. It is the second largest transit bus fleet in New York State, operated by the County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T).

The Bee-Line website states:

Riding public transit is a great travel choice.  It helps our environment by reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.  It's also a bargain. Transit fares are competitive with the out-of-pocket costs of driving, especially if you pay for parking.  We deal with the traffic hassles for you, and you get time to read, relax, socialize, plan your day or even your next vacation.

For information, you can visit the Bee-Line Bus website, or call the Bee-Line Information Center at (914)813-7777 weekdays from 8am to 8pm and weekends 8am to 4pm.

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