How do ya like them apples? In case you couldn't pahk yah cah in Hahvahd Yahd, Hudson Valley residents can now get to the Green Monstah by public transport!

Boston is a popular travel destination for many residents in the Westchester County, but according to OurBus co-founder Alex Hellman, there hasn't been any kind of direct, non-stop transportation from the area to Boston until now. Residents would have had to take a train into Manhattan and take a bus from there.

This is part of a larger plan by OurBus to expand on the East Coast, and they now offer trips from Philadelphia to Washington D.C., New York City to Philadelphia, and Newark to Washington D.C.

So now, you can travel to Boston and re-enact your favorite scenes from Good Will Hunting. That's what people do in Boston, right? Seems like it might get old after a while, but there's gotta be something else going on. Do they have a sports team or something?