Ted Lasso is reminding New York State residents about the very important ban.

Ted Lasso and the New York State DEC don't want you to be a goldfish (forget something quickly) when it comes to an important rule.

New York State DEC Getting Help From Ted Lasso

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is using Apple-TV Plus star Ted Lasso to remind New Yorkers the brush-burning ban is still in effect.

The Annual New York State Residential Brush Burning Ban runs through May 14.

"Listen to coach. Don't set the state on fire," the DEC states.

"This winter was warmer and drier than most, but regardless of the winter weather, we are always at a greater risk of wildfires in the spring," DEC Commissioner Seggos said. " This ban helps protect our communities, natural resources, and the Rangers and other firefighters who extinguish the fires. We're encouraging all New Yorkers to think about safety first, before starting a potentially dangerous fire."

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New York State Residential Brush Burning Ban Runs Through May 14

The brush-burning ban is enforced to prevent wildfires and protect communities during heightened conditions for wildfires.

Minnewaska State Park, Instagram
Minnewaska State Park, Instagram

"Even though some areas of the state remain blanketed in snow, warming temps can quickly lead to wildfire conditions. When temps warm and the past fall's debris and leaves dry out, wildfires can start and spread easily, further fueled by winds and a lack of green vegetation," the DEC said.

Open burning of debris is the biggest cause of wildfires in New York State during the spring, according to the DEC.

Town of Fishkill Police Department
Town of Fishkill Police Department

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